The Average Entrepreneur Can Escape Their Daily Tasks For 9 Days Before Their Business Implodes. How Long Can You Get Away?
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Congrats, nomad, you’ve found balance! So many business owners struggle to keep the lights on when they go off the grid, because they struggle to delegate key tasks or empower employees to make decisions without them. But not you. Your business is set up for success. We'd love to hear what you're up to! Shoot an email to and tell us you took the quiz so maybe we can share your story on and help other business owners learn how to do what you do!
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Not bad! 57% of small business owners say it's been over a year since their last holiday. Not because they can't, but most of the time, just because they don't. It looks like you've got them beat! If you haven't taken a break in a while, it's time to give yourself permission. Seriously...document your day-to-day, delegate what's on your plate, and book a trip today. Take your spouse, your kids, your mom, and tell your employees to take care of business! Learn more at And have fun :)
Learn To Take More Time!

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You're on the right path, but you might considering building a bigger gap between your time and what makes the business money. When you do disconnect, you're likely still thinking about the business and a bit stressed that something will go wrong without you. 45% of small business owners who don’t find it difficult to take time off from their business say the key to their relaxation is delegation and preparation. Can you document the daily tasks that you do and delegate them to someone else? Your employees, a freelancer, or virtual assistant? Discover how to delegate and prepare for time off at
Learn To Take More Time!

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Don't feel bad, you're not alone. 23% of business owners say they haven't taken a break in over two years! But it sounds like you're way too tied down by the day-to-day of your business. Your personal time, whether in the office, face-to-face with clients, or hustling new business, is too closely tied to your revenue stream. When something goes wrong, people need you. Have you tried using a virtual assistant as a practice in learning to delegate less important tasks? Doing that will help you learn to offload the important things that you once thought HAD to be carried on your shoulders. Everybody deserves more time off, to travel, for family, for doing the things you love, and you're no exception. Start placing a little more value on taking time for yourself, and we promise, space creates clarity, and it will only help your business and happiness levels grow! Learn more at
Learn To Take More Time!